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Assoc Prof Sridhar Idapalapati
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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Karthic R Narayanan, S Subbiah, I Sridhar* (Corresponding Author, I. Sridhar). (2011). Indentation of single crystal copper using rate independent crystal plasticity. Applied Physics A, 105, 453-461.

Yi Dake, Xiao Zhongmin, Z Jiang, I Sridhar. (2011). On the plastic zone size and crack tip opening displacement of a sub-surface crack in an infinite bi-material plater. Philosophical Magazine, 91(26), 3456 – 3472.

Kapil Mohan, Yip Tik Hon, Idapalapati Sridhar, Chen Zhong. (2011). Impact Response of Aluminum Foam Core Sandwich Structures. Materials Science And Engineering A-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure And Processing, 529, 94-101.

Karthic R. Naraynan, I. Sridhar, S. Subbiah. (2010). Effect of Cold Work on the Mechanical Response of Drawn Ultra-Fine Gold Wire. Computational Materials Science, 49(1S), 119-125.

Liao Jinzhi, Tan Ming Jen, Idapalapati Sridhar. (2010). Spark Plasma Sintered Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites. Materials and Design, 31(S1), 96-100.