Academic Profile

Nanyang Assistant Professor
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Postdoctoral research (Marie-Curie fellowship)
ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Principal investigator: Prof. Atac Imamoglu
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Assoc Prof Gao Weibo
Associate Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Physics & Applied Physics

Quantum information, Quantum optics, Nano-photonics, Solid state physics, Spin opto-mechanics, Hybrid system, Quantum dot, Rare earth ions.

1. Observation of entanglement between a single photon and a quantum dot spin,
Nature, 491, 426 (2012) [research result from the Marie-Curie Grant]
Wei-Bo Gao, P. Fallahi, E. Togan, J.M. Sanchez and Atac Imamoglu
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Highlighted by Nature physics

2. Experimental measurement-based quantum computing beyond the cluster-state model,
Nature Photonics, 5, 117 (2011)
Wei-Bo Gao, Xing-Can Yao, Jian-Ming Cai, He Lu, Ping Xu, Tao Yang, Chao-Yang Lu, Yu-Ao Chen, Zeng-Bing Chen, Jian-Wei Pan

3. Experimental demonstration of a hyper-entangled ten-qubit Schrödinger cat state,
Nature Physics, 6, 331 (2010)
Wei-Bo Gao, Chao-Yang Lu, Xing-Can Yao, Ping Xu, Otfried Gühne, Alexander Goebel, Yu-Ao Chen, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Zeng-Bing Chen, Jian-Wei Pan.
Highlighted by Nature Photonics.

4. Quantum Teleportation from a Propagating Photon to a Solid-State Spin Qubit,
Nature Communications, 4, 2744 (2013)
Wei-Bo Gao, P. Fallahi, E. Togan, A. Delteil, Y. S. Chin, J.M. Sanchez and Atac Imamoglu

5. Experimental demonstration of topological error correction,
Nature, 482, 489 (2012)
Xing-Can Yao, Tian-Xiong Wang, Hao-Ze Chen, Wei-Bo Gao, A. G. Fowler, Robert Raussendorf, Zeng-Bing Chen, Nai-Le Liu, Chao-Yang Lu, You-Jin Deng, Yu-Ao Chen, Jian-Wei Pan
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  • Cost-Effective and Fast Multi-User Quantum Key Distribution Network with an Untrusted Centralized Quantum Server

  • Electrically pumping and Ultra-high brightness room temperature telecom SPE

  • Integrated On-chip Planar Coherent Light Sources

  • Integrated Quantum Receiver for Single Photon Detection

  • Island-wide quantum key distribution using electrically driven single photon emitters

  • Precision magnetic field sensing based on NV centers in diamond (WP-S1)

  • Precision magnetic field sensing based on NV centers in diamond (WP-S1) (For research scholarship only)

  • Provost's Chair in Physics

  • Quantum And Topological Nanophotonics

  • Quantum Assisted Navigation and Magnetic Sensing

  • Quantum Assisted Navigation and Magnetic Sensing (For research scholarship only)

  • Quantum Topological Devices And 3D Nanophotonic Integration

  • Solution-Processed Perovskite Materials for Next Generation Integrated X-Ray Sensors

  • SPE QKD (NUS PI: Alexander Ling)
  • Zumeng Huang, Yuanda Liu, Kevin Dini, Qinghai Tan, Zhuojun Liu, Hanlin Fang, Jin Liu, Timothy Liew, Weibo Gao. (2019). Robust room temperature valley Hall effect of interlayer excitons. Nano Letters, 20(2), 1345-1351.

  • Yuanda Liu, Hanlin Fang, Abdullah Rasmita, Yu Zhou, Juntao Li, Ting Yu, Qihua Xiong, Nikolay Zheludev, Jin Liu, Weibo Gao. (2019). Room temperature nanocavity laser with interlayer excitons in 2D heterostructures. Science Advances, 5, eaav4506.