Academic Profile

Christopher Trigg is an Assistant Professor in the Division of English. He received a PhD in English and an MA in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto. He also holds an MA in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from the University of Cambridge. His current research focuses on beliefs about the resurrection of the body in seventeenth and eighteenth-century America and Europe
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Asst Prof Christopher Peter Trigg
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Religion and Literature; Religion in Colonial America; Millennialism; Secularism
  • The Quick and the Dead: Resurrection Theology and the Future of Human Mortality
  • Christopher Trigg (2020). Millennialism. A History of American Puritan Literature. Ed. Kristina Bross & Abram Van Engen. Cambridge University Press: 310-326.

  • Christopher Trigg (2020). The Racial Politics of Resurrection in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World. Early American Literature, 55.1: 45-82.

  • Christopher Trigg (2018). Islam, Puritanism, and Secular Time. American Literature, 90.4: 815-839.

  • Christopher Trigg (2018). Hobbes, Drones, and Liberal Enchantment. Political Theology, 19.7: 553-571.

  • Christopher Trigg (2014). The Devil’s Book at Salem. Early American Literature, 49.1: 37-65.