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Assoc Prof James Patrick Williams
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
Journal Articles
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Williams, J. Patrick. (2018). Subculture’s not Dead! Checking the Pulse of Subculture Studies through a Review of ‘Subcultures, Popular Music and Political Change’ and ‘Youth Cultures and Subcultures: Australian Perspectives’. Young: Nordic Journal of Youth Research, 27(1), 1-17.

J. Patrick Williams, Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir. (2017). Muslim Girl Culture and Social Control in Southeast Asia: Exploring the Hijabista and Hijabster Phenomena. Crime, Media, Culture, 13(2), 199-216.

Csilla Weninger, J. Patrick Williams. (2017). The Interactional Construction of Social Authenticity: “Real” Identities and Inter-Group Relations in a Transylvania Internet Forum. Symbolic Interaction, .

J. Patrick Williams.(2017). Authentic Identities: Straightedge Subculture, Music, and the Internet. Youth Cultures, vol. 4Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Patrick J. Williams and Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir. (2017). “Youth Cultures in Southeast Asia: Exploring Hijabista and Hijabster Phenomena”. Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal, .