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Assoc Prof Tai Kang
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Journal Articles
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Liu, W., Tai K. (2007). Optimal Design of Flat Patterns for 3D Folded Structures by Unfolding with Topological Validation. Computer-Aided Design, 39(10), 898-913.

Tai K., Akhtar, S. (2005). Structural Topology Optimization Using a Genetic Algorithm with a Morphological Geometric Representation Scheme. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 30(2), 113-127.

Wang, S.Y., Tai K. (2004). Graph Representation for Structural Topology Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms. Computers and Structures, 82(20-21), 1609-1622.

Tai K., Cui, G.Y., Ray, T. (2002). Design Synthesis of Path Generating Compliant Mechanisms by Evolutionary Optimization of Topology and Shape. Journal of Mechanical Design, 124(3), 492-500.

Ray, T., Tai K., Seow, K.C. (2001). Multiobjective Design Optimization by an Evolutionary Algorithm. Engineering Optimization, 33(4), 399-424.