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Assoc Prof Qiu Lin
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering (Courtesy Appointment)
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Highly Cited:
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Recent Publication:
Chan, S. H. M., Qiu, L., Esposito, G., & Mai, K. P. (2021). Vertical greenery buffers against stress: evidence from psychophysiological responses in virtual reality. Landscape and Urban Planning, 213, 104127.

Chan, S. H. M., Qiu, L., Esposito, G., Mai, K. P., Tam, K. P., & Cui, J. (2021). Nature in virtual reality improves mood and reduces stress: evidence from young adults and senior citizens. Virtual Reality, 1-16.

Qiu, L., Chan, S. H. M., Ito, K., & Sam, J. Y. T. (2021). Unemployment rate predicts anger in popular music lyrics: Evidence from top 10 songs in the United States and Germany from 1980 to 2017. Psychology of Popular Media, 10(2), 256-266.

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