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Assoc Prof Luo Jun
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering
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Dr. Jun Luo has been working on wireless sensing, deep learning, and computing system integration for more than two decades and has established a solid foundation on all these topics. Building upon this foundation, his research team has made contributions on mobile/ pervasive computing and smart sensing technologies, by leading several national research projects and corporate labs, aiming to transfer the research outcomes to practical applications. In the meantime, Dr. Luo and his team have kept publishing at relevant venues such as IEEE and ACM top conferences and journals, including MobiCom, CVPR, SenSys, INFOCOM, UbiComp, ToN, and TMC. With only 130+ publications, he has earned over 8300 Google Scholar citations, with two top-cited papers both bearing more than 1,000 of them.
- Mobile and Pervasive Computing
- Machine Learning and Computer Vision
- Applied Operations Research
- Computer Networks
  • DeepWiSe: Deep-Interpreted Wireless Sensing for All
  • Holistic Moving Target Defence for Autonomous Driving Perception
  • Integrating Sensing with Data Traffic for Future Communications over Ubiquitous IoT Devices
  • P6.1 Robot Fleet for Instantaneous Network Infrastructure Build-up
  • Smart Technologies Lab: Integrated Sensing And Communication (ISAC) for Short Range Connectivity