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Prof Sharon Ng
Head, Division of Marketing
Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Marketing
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Journal Articles
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Hoang, Chi and Sharon Ng (2023), “The Facilitating Effect of Physiological Self-tracking on Organ Donation,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, (Forthcoming)

Madan, Shilpa, Shankha Basu, Sharon Ng, and Krishna Savani (2022) “The Breadth of Normative Standards: Antecedents and Consequences for Individuals and Organizations,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 172, 104181

Zhang, Kuangjie, Shaobo Li and Sharon Ng (2021), “Sizes Are Gendered: The Effect of Size Cues in Brand Names on Brand Stereotyping,” Journal of Consumer Research, 49 (2), 252-267

Ng, Sharon, Ali Faraji-Rad and Rajeev Batra (2021), “Uncertainty Evokes Consumers’ Preference for Brands Incongruent with their Global-Local Citizenship Identity,” Journal of Marketing Research, 58(2), 400-415 • Research featured in Canvas8 website for the company’s subscribers and clients

Basu, Shankha and Sharon Ng (2021), “$100 a month or $1,200 a year? Regulatory focus and the evaluation of temporally framed attributes,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31(2), 301-318.

Ng, Sharon, Mehak Bharti and Goh Kim Huat (2021), “Price Promotions Are Inherently More Arousing for Interdependents,” Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, 6(1), 67-80.

Ng, Sharon and Shankha Basu (2019), “Global identity and preference for environmentally friendly products: The role of personal responsibility”, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 50(8), 919-936.

Chen, Haipeng (Allan), Lisa Bolton, Sharon Ng, Dian Lee and Lee Dongwon (2018), “Culture, Relationship Norm and Dual-Entitlement,” Journal of Consumer Research, 45(1), 1-20 (Lead Article).

Ng, Sharon and Rajeev Batra (2017), “Regulatory Goals in a Globalized World,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 27(2), 270-27.

Ng, Sharon, Hakkyun Kim and Akshay Rao (2015), “Sins of Omission versus Commission: Cross-Cultural Differences in Brand-Switching Due to Dissatisfaction Induced by Individual versus Group Action and Inaction,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25(1), 89-100.

Ng, Sharon (2010), “Cultural Orientation and Brand Dilution: Impact of Motivational Level and Extension Typicality,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47(1) (February), 186-198.

Ng, Sharon and Michael Houston (2009), “Field Dependency and Brand Cognitive Structures,” Journal of Marketing Research, XLVI (April), 279-292.

Ng, Sharon and Michael Houston (2006), “Exemplars or Beliefs? The Impact of Self-View on the Nature and Relative Influence of Brand Associations,” Journal of Consumer Research, 32 (March), 519-529.

Chen, Haipeng (Allan), Sharon Ng, and Akshay Rao (2005) “Cultural Differences in Consumer Impatience,” Journal of Marketing Research, XLII (August), 291-301.
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Handbook of Culture and Consumer Behavior (as part of the Frontiers of Cultural Psychology series), Ed. Sharon Ng and Angela Lee (2015)
Book Chapters
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1. Ng, Sharon, Mehak Bharti and Natalie Truong (2019), “The Impact of Gender and Culture In Consumer Behaviour,” in Cambridge International Handbook On Psychology Of Women

2. Madan, Shilpa, Shankha Basu, Elison Lim and Sharon Ng (2018), “The Appeal of Beauty and Physical Attractiveness: An Indian Perspective,” in Handbook of Indian Consumers

3. Ng, Sharon and Angela Lee (2015), “History of Culture and Consumer Behavior and Future Research Directions,” in Handbook of Culture and Consumer Behavior, 1-9

4. Ng, Sharon, Michael J Houston and Rohini Ahluwalia (2015), “Culture and Branding,” in Handbook of Culture and Consumer Behavior, 233-253

5. Chiu C. Y., Sharon Ng and Evelyn Au (2013), “Culture and Social Cognition,” in Oxford Handbook of Social Cognition, 767-785
Opinions & Commentaries
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1. Money FM (14 Nov 2022) Live Radio Interview “Brand Love”

2. Channel News Asia Commentary (3 Nov 2022) “Will more follow Patagonia’s bold lead and donate their companies to the Earth?” (with Dr Lim Boon Chong)

3. Channel News Asia Podcast (11 Nov 2021) “Guilty purchases and packaging waste in huge Singles’ Day online sales” in Heart of the Matter

4. WARC (Oct 2021) “Managing Global and Local Brands in a World Of Uncertainty” (with Dr Lim Boon Chong)

5. Channel News Asia (11 Oct 2021) “Why we feel a rush when we ‘Add to Cart’ and what we can do about it” (with Dr Lim Boon Chong)

6. Channel News Asia Podcast (10 Sep 2021) “The green consumer paradox: Can we walk the talk on sustainability?” in The Climate Conversations

7. Channel News Asia Radio 983 (2020) “Is customer service bad in Singapore”

8. WARC (June 2020) “Asians can't resist deals - and the physiological evidence proves it” with Mehak Bharti

9. Channel News Asia (2018) “Why do consumers prefer branded baby formula”

10. Talking Point (2018) “Consumption patterns of baby formula milk”

11. Channel News Asia (27 November 2018) “Who on earth still buys counterfeit branded goods”

12. Business Times (15 October 2013) “Asians and Luxury Brands”

13. Business Times, BT-NBS Roundtable (11 March 2009) “Effective Marketing in a Recession”

14. TODAY (15 Sept 2009) “Cause and (Halo) Effect”