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Asst Prof Wang Wenjie
Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
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Wang W., and Y. Zhang. (2024) Wild Bootstrap for Instrumental Variables Regression with Weak and Few Clusters. Journal of Econometrics, 241(1), 105727.

Lim, D., W. Wang, and Y. Zhang. (2024) A Conditional Linear Combination Test with Many Weak Instruments. Journal of Econometrics, 238(2), 105602.

Foo, B., D. Koh, J. Tan, and W. Wang. (2023) Forecasting Singapore's Economy Using Statistical Learning and Factor Models. Singapore Economic Review, 68(2), 319-353.

Wang, W., T. Ida, and H. Shimada. (2020). Default effect versus active decision: Evidence from a field experiment in Los Alamos. European Economic Review, 128, 103498.

Wang W. (2020). On the inconsistency of nonparametric bootstraps for the subvector Anderson–Rubin test. Economics Letters, 191, 109157.

Wang, W. and F. Doko Tchatoka. (2018). On bootstrap inconsistency and Bonferroni-based size-correction for the subset Anderson-Rubin test under conditional homoskedasticity. Journal of Econometrics, 207(1), 188-211.

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