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Asst Prof Liu Wen Paul
Assistant Professor, School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
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Yan, Y., Wong, R.J., Ma, Z., Donat, F., Xi, S., Saqline, S., Fan, W, Du, Y., Borgna, A., He, Q, Müller, C.R., Chen, W., Lapkin, A.A., *Liu, W., 2022. CO2 Hydrogenation to methanol on tungsten-doped Cu/CeO2 catalysts. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 306, 121098.

Xu, T., *Wang, X., Xiao, B., Zhao, H., *Liu, W., 2022. Optimisation of syngas production from a novel two-step chemical looping reforming process using Fe-dolomite as oxygen carriers. Fuel Processing Technology, 228, 107169.

Chang, R., Wu, X., *Chueng, O., *Liu, W., 2022. Synthetic solid oxide sorbents for CO2 capture: state-of-the-art and future perspectives. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10, 1682.

Qian, K., Yan, Y., Xi, S., Wei, T., Dai, Y., Yan, X., Kobayashi, H., Wang, S., *Liu, W., *Li, R., 2021. Elucidating the strain-vacancy-activity relationship on structurally deformed Co@CoO nanosheets for aqueous phase reforming of formaldehyde. Small, 17, 2012970.

*Li, R., Liu, Z., Trinh Q.T., Miao, Z., Chen, S., Qian, K., Wong, R.J., Xi, S., Yan, Y., Borgna, A., Liang, S., Wei, T., Dai, Y., Wang, P., *Tang, Y., Yan, X., *Choksi, T.S., *Liu W., 2021. Strong metal-support interaction for 2D materials: application in noble metal/TiB2 heterointerfaces and their enhanced catalytic performance for formic acid dehydrogenation. Advanced Materials, 33, 2101536.
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