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Asst Prof Broc Norman Rossell
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities
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2012, PhD, Literature and Creative Writing, University of Denver
2004, MFA, Creative Writing, University of Iowa Writers' Workshop
2000, BSc, History, Utah State University

Poetics and Praxis 'After' Objectivism (University of Iowa Press, 2018)
Festival (Cleveland State University Press, 2015)

I'm a poet and scholar working at the intersection of creative and critical practices in the humanities, as an assistant professor of creative writing in the English Division.
My research broadly explores theories of genre and lyric as they relate to the social and material production of literature. My creative practice engages matters of subject formation and polyphony to design socially constructed projects.
  • 1. Movement, Migration, and Metaphor, a non-fictionmemoir organized thematically by social structures 2. Necessary Fictions, a book-length poem and material artefact