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Assoc Prof Krishna Savani
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Leadership, Management & Organisation
Provost’s Chair in Business
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Krishna Savani is an Associate Professor of Strategy, Management, and Organisation at Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University. He obtained his BA in Economics and PhD in Psychology from Stanford University, and worked at Columbia Business School and NUS Business School prior to joining NTU.
Dr. Savani's research lies at the intersection of cultural psychology, decision making, and organizational behavior, with a special focus on how cross-cultural comparisons can reveal insights into basic psychological processes. He also conducts research in managerial decision making, focusing on how subtle interventions can lead people to make more rational decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Savani's research has been published extensively in academic journals and featured in numerous media outlets, including Forbes, Smart Money, Scientific American, Boston Globe, and Huffington Post.
  • Assessing Cities: A SCoRE (Societal Comprehensive Reflective Estimate) Methodology
  • Cultural Differences In Memory Processes: Evidence From Part-Set Cuing Deficit And Collaborative Inhibition
  • Culture and Judgement and Decision Making
  • Highlighting The Power Of Individuals’ Choice And Agency To Prevent Illicit Drug Activities
  • How Generals Decide: Strategic Intuition and Military Effectiveness
  • Provost's Chair in Business
  • Psychological Consequences Of Exposure To Variability
  • Taking Advantage of the Future Economy: Role of Universal Mindsets