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Assoc Prof Chul Heo
Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media
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Chul Heo is a filmmaker and media scholar. Chul's interests symbiotically complement each other, as a theorist and artist, by combining theory and praxis, academia and industry, and fiction with nonfiction to improve our media culture. As a teacher, it is his goal to inspire the next generation of filmmakers and media scholars who can voice their creative visions in the mainstream as well as independent operatives.

Chul has directed three feature films which have been released in theaters nationwide in South Korea. The most recent fiction, “The Return” (2017), won the Golden Zenith Award, winner in the First Fiction World Competition at the 41st Montreal World Film Festival. His two nonfictional feature films, “Ari Ari the Korean Cinema” (2012) and “Mira Story” (2015), which made a national controversy in South Korea by raising the critical views on the role of the government and capitalistic power in filmmaking and local community respectively, and have been screened in international film festivals in Paris, Bhutan, Busan, and Irvine.

He has been very active in advocating marginalized voices in society by making more than fifteen short films both in Korea and America. Tackling Asian American identity issues, his debut film "Between Two Worlds" (1996/1998, 30 min.) triggered a national conversation about Asianness in the United States and received awards in Rochester International Film Festival, Asian Cinevision Video Showcase and Sinking Creek Film Festival. His various other short films received international recognitions and screenings in Paris, Riyadh, Taipei, Milano, Istanbul, New York City, Chicago, Williamstown, Davis, Rochester, Nashville, and San Francisco. Also, Chul participated in television documentaries and talk shows for PBS in New York City and MBC network in Korea as a director, producer, and host.

Prior to joining ADM at NTU, Chul taught various film and television courses in theory and practice at Korea University and San Francisco State University. He received his Ph.D. in media studies from the University of Iowa and M.F.A. from Brooklyn College, City University of New York (CUNY).
Chul's scholarly interests focus on the study of production culture and aesthetics of film and television with a critical cultural studies approach. In particular, he is interested in critical and aesthetic implications of the look and sound of film and television, e.g. production design and sound design. To understand production culture of film and television, he pays attention to people who make creative decisions to deal with production conventions, creative rights, constraints and possibility in their institutional contexts, and the imagined audience in production process.

Research areas
- Imagined Audience in Media Production
- Production Culture: Convention, Aesthetics, and Style
- Media and the Public Sphere
- Cultural Politics of Sound and Production Design
- Digital technology and Filmmaking Practices
- Production Culture of South East Asian Cinema and Korean Cinema
- Documentary: History, Theory, and Aesthetics
  • Production Culture in Southeast Asian Cinema: The Way Southeast Asian Filmmakers Tell Film Aesthetics and Cultural Practices in Film Production
SPECIAL MENTION VERTICAL, New Normal (writer & director, 8 min. 2022 Sci-fi, 6K HD), Courant 3D Festival, Angoulême, France.

BEST VERTICAL MOVIE (Grand Prix), New Normal (writer & director, 2021
8 min. Sci-fi, 6K HD), Vertical Movie Festival, Italy.

BEST SHORT FILM (Grand Prix), New Normal (writer & director, 8 min. 2021
Sci-fi, 6K HD), Yatay Festival, Argentina.

HONOURABLE MENTION, New Normal (writer & director, 8 min. Sci-fi, 2021
6K HD), Vertifilms Prague, Czech Republic.

Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Republic of Korea
*National recognition of the first major award at Montreal World
Film Festival. The Return (writer & director, 96 min. Drama).

GOLDEN ZENITH AWARD, The Return (writer & director, 96 min. Drama) 2017
41st Montreal World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada. Winner in the first fiction competition category.

CULTURE PRIDE AWARD, Between Two Worlds (Prod/dir. 30 min. SD), 2004 Williams College, Williamstown, MA.

Between Two Worlds (Prod/dir. 30 min. SD), Asian Cinevision Video
Showcase, New York Public Library. New York City, NY..

SHOESTRING AWARD, Between Two Worlds (Prod/dir. 30 min. SD), 1997
Rochester International Film, Rochester, NY

AUDIENCE AWARD, Between Two Worlds (Prod/dir. 30 min. SD), 1996
Sinking Creek Film Festival. Nashville, TN.
Fellowships & Other Recognition
BEST TEACHER AWARD, Korea University, Seoul 2009

BEST TEACHER AWARD, Korea University, Seoul 2007

University, San Francisco

PRESIDENTIAL AWARD, San Francisco State University, San Francisco 2004
Courses Taught
Film Directing; Film Production 1; Film Production 2; History of World Cinema

Seminar in Media Production; Proseminar in Art, Design and Media; Research Methods in Art, Design and Media.
Supervision of PhD Students
Zhang, Yeyang, Main supervisor, Unpacking Production Culture in
Post-Socialist China's Commercial Film Industry:
A Case Study of Producers in Beijing Culture Company.

Ze, Gong, Main supervisor (with co-supervisor Ross Williams), Production Constraints in the Creation of Dialogue on Chinese Film: Case Studies of Zhao Nan and Fu Kang.

Su, Li, Main supervisor, Digitalized Museums as New Signified Cultural Public Sphere for Migrant Workers in Singapore.

Yi, Xiao Han, Main Supervisor, Gender Politics of 'Looking' in East Asian Cinema.

Wang, Zheng, Main Supervisor (with co-supervisor Karin Oen), The Eastern Body in Chinese Media Art,