Academic Profile : Faculty

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Dr Irda Nalls
Lecturer, School of Humanities
Irda Nalls received a BA in Education with specialization in English and Literature from NTU, and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Colorado (CU) in Colorado, America. She also has a Ph.D in Education and Human Development from CU. Prior to academia, she taught English in MOE schools for about 15 years, and worked with adults from different parts of the world at the British Council for about 2 years, teaching English as a foreign language. She is passionate about bilingualism and multilingualism, and is interested in educational studies, identity and critical theories. She speaks five languages, and reads and writes in three of the five languages. Currently, she is learning Hieroglyph with the goal of visiting Egypt to study writings on the tombs. In addition, she believes in empowering the marginalized communities.