Academic Profile

Kevin Koh is an Associate Professor from the Division of Accounting and his research expertise is in the area of the impact of financial regulation and enforcement efforts on managerial choices in company’s financial reporting practices. Kevin obtained his Ph.D from the University of Washington and has published in top international accounting journals such as The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Review of Accounting Studies, and Contemporary Accounting Research. Notably, his research is also highly regarded by the industry and well-cited in leading media such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune Magazines etc He sits on the editorial boards of International Journal of Auditing and Pacific Accounting Review and serves as an Associate Editor for The Japanese Accounting Review. He was awarded the Accounting Division’s Research Excellence Award in 2016.

Kevin teaches and has taught introductory financial accounting and business valuation at both undergraduate and graduate level and was named as the NBS Teacher of the Year in 2013. As a Chartered Accountant of Singapore, Kevin is actively involved in the profession. He served on a committee in the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) that look into certification and development of the accounting professionals in Singapore. For his excellent and significant contributions to education and the profession, Kevin was conferred the Commendation Medal for National Day Awards in 2015.
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Assoc Prof Koh Whee Ling Kevin
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Accounting

Financial Reporting: Earnings Quality, Earnings Management, Use of Accounting Information for Valuation, Impact of Regulations, Corporate Disclosure, Corporate Governance, Investor Protection,
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