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Dr Luke Lu
Lecturer, School of Humanities
Research areas and projects -
I've recently been awarded a ARF Tier 1 Grant as Principal Investigator, titled 'Investigating the pedagogical use of varieties of English in the Singapore Classroom'. The proposed study will conduct an experiment to teach ‘Standard Singapore English (SSE)’ within a particular secondary school in Singapore, through exposing students to a course of instruction intended to raise their awareness concerning stigmatised forms of Singlish, and comparing these with corresponding forms in a standard variety of the language. The premise here is that by teaching students about the characteristics of SSE and Singlish as separate varieties, they will then be better able to distinguish between formal and colloquial varieties of the language.

Teaching -
I currently teach HG2031 History of English; HG4024 Social Theories and Language; HG4063 Advanced World Englishes; HG4031 Multimodality in Situated Contexts.

Honours and awards -
King’s International Graduate Scholarship, King’s College London, 2012
King’s International Partnership Scholarship, King’s College London, 2012
King’s Alumni Bursary, King’s College London, 2012

Qualifications -
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Language Discourse and Communication. King’s College London
Master of Arts (MA). Language, Ethnicity and Education. King’s College London
Postgraduate Diploma in Education, English. National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Bachelor of Arts (BA) Hons, English Language and Literature. National University of Singapore

I'm interested in interactional sociolinguistics, ethnography and issues pertaining to transnational migration, ethnicity, language planning and policy, and education.

  • Investigating the Pedagogical Use of Varieties of English in the Singapore Classroom