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Asst Prof Luke Lu
Assistant Chair (Academic), School of Humanities
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities
Before academia, I was a secondary school teacher for five years. I am primarily interested in approaches to interactional sociolinguistics and ethnography, pertaining to issues such as transnational mobility, education, language rights, language planning and policy, and ethnicity. My past project involved examining the pedagogical value of Singlish in ELT classrooms, and was funded by MOE's AcRF Tier 1 Grant.

More recently, I was awarded a Heritage Research Grant by the National Heritage Board (with Co-PI Kung Chien Wen at the National University of Singapore) to uncover a grassroots and transnational history of Chinese language reforms in Singapore.

Qualifications -
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Language Discourse and Communication. King’s College London
Master of Arts (MA). Language, Ethnicity and Education. King’s College London
Postgraduate Diploma in Education, English. National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Bachelor of Arts (BA) Hons, English Language and Literature. National University of Singapore

I'm interested in interactional sociolinguistics, ethnography and issues pertaining to transnational migration, ethnicity, language planning and policy, and education.

  • A Grassroots and Transnational History of Singapore's Chinese Language Reforms
  • Grounded High-flyers: how top-performing students in Singapore construct elite identities through talk
King’s International Graduate Scholarship, King’s College London, 2012
King’s International Partnership Scholarship, King’s College London, 2012
King’s Alumni Bursary, King’s College London, 2012
Courses Taught
HG2031 History of English
HG2092 Analysing Spoken Discourse
HG2096 Analysing Written Discourse
HG4024 Social Theories and Language
HG4025 Linguistic Ethnography
HG4031 Multimodality in Situated Contexts.