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Assoc Prof Jin Cheon Na
Associate Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
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Before joining the Division of Information Studies at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Dr Na worked six and half years for a Korean military research institute, the Agency for Defense Development, as a senior researcher. At Texas A&M University, he developed a caT (context-aware Trellis), a context-aware hypertext model with associated tools, for his dissertation. Currently, he is exploring effective ways of performing information processing by applying various techniques from multidiscipline, such as machine learning, data mining, information retrieval, human-compuer interaction, and natural language processing. He has published over 40 papers in various international journals and conference proceedings mainly in the areas of Digital Libraries, Hypertext & Hypermedia, Document Engineering, and Knowledge Organization.
His research interest focuses on Digital Libraries and Hypermedia Systems. He is primarily investigating effective ways of information processing by applying various techniques from multiple disciplines, such as information retrieval, data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, and human-computer interaction. Specifically he is doing researches in automatic sentiment classification (e.g. automatically classifying Web product reviews as expressing positive or negative sentiments/opinions), information extraction pattern learning for knowledge discovery, and development of digital library applications that provide intelligent, user-friendly interface.
  • Automatic Profiling of User Accounts Driving Scholarly Communication on Twitter
Courses Taught
CI6299 - Critical Inquiry in Information Systems
H6751 - Text & Web Mining
H6752 - Data Extraction Techniques
IN6299 - Critical Inquiry in Information Systems
IS6751 - Text & Web Mining
IS6752 - Data Extraction Techniques