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Assoc Prof Ong Chin Siew, Dennis
Associate Professor
Journal Articles
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staff as info will be
pulled from PRDS)
Dennis Ong & Steven Ang. (2016). Singapore Employment Law. Cengage Learning.

Ong Chin Siew, Dennis. (2003). The Law in Praise of Motherhood: Part IX, Employment Act 1968. Asia Business Law Review, , 31-36.

Ong Chin Siew, Dennis, Leow Chye Sian. (1999). The Legal Status of Strikes in Singapore and Malaysia. Current Law Journal, , vii-xxvi.

Ong Chin Siew, Dennis. (1998). When Male-on-Male Horseplay Becomes Sexual Harassment: Joseph Oncale v Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc. The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations, 14, 349-.

Ong Chin Siew, Dennis. (1996). Tertiary Rhymes. Addison-Wesley.