Academic Profile

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Assoc Prof Low Chan Kee (No longer with NTU)
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences

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  • Jimenez, G., Tan, W.S., Virk, A.K., Chan, K.L., Car, J., & Ho, A.H.Y. (2018). Overview of Systematic Reviews of Advance Care Planning: Summary of evidence and global lessons. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 56(3), 436-459.

  • Tan, W.S., Ran, B., Low, C.K., Ho, A.H.Y., & Car, J. (2018). Using Routinely Collected Data to Ascertain Concordance with Advance Care Planning Preferences.. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, DOI,

  • Balasooriya, U., J. Li and C. K. Low. (2012). On Interpreting and Extracting Information from the Cumulative Distribution Function Curve: A New Perspective with Applications. Australian Senior Mathematics Journal, 26(1), 20-29.

  • Jackie Li, Uditha Balasooriya, Chan Kee Low. (2009, May). Asymmetric and Leptokurtic Distributions for Modeling Insurance and Financial Data. Paper presented at 13th International Congress on Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, Istanbul, Turkey.