Academic Profile

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Prof Chen Shaoxiang
Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technology & Operations Management

  • G.A. Chua, S. Chen, Z. Han. (2016). Hub and Chain: Process Flexibility Design in Non-Identical Systems Using Variance Information. European Journal of Operational Research, 253(3), 625-638.

  • Yi Feng, Shaoxiang Chen, Wenqiang Dai. (2015). The Optimal Policy for a Capacitated Multiple Product Inventory System Under Symmetry. Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 32(02), 17.

  • Shaoxiang Chen, Yi Feng, Arun Kumar, Bing Lin. (2011). Solving Single-Product Economic Lot-Sizing Problem with Non-increasing Setup Cost, Constant Capacity and Convex Inventory Cost in O(NlogN) Time. Computers & Operations Research, .

  • Shaoxiang Chen, Jianjun Xu, Youyi Feng. (2010). A Partial Characterization of the Optimal Ordering/Rationing Policy for a Periodic Review System with Two Demand Classes and Backordering. Naval Research Logistics, 57(4), 330-341.

  • Shaoxiang Chen, Jianjun Xu. (2010). Note on the optimality of (s, S) policies for inventory systems with two demand classes. Operations Research Letters, 38(5), 450-453.