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Assoc Prof Huan Swee Leng, Vivien
Associate Vice President (Wellbeing)
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Psychology and Child & Human Development
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Vivien Huan is an Associate Professor at National Institute of Education (NIE). She is also the Associate Vice President (Wellbeing), NTU. Having taught in schools for 12 years, her research interests reside very much with issues related to students. These include juvenile delinquency, Internet use, youths at-risk, discipline in schools, and other psychopathological and developmental issues observed in children and adolescents. Vivien is both a panel advisor at the Singapore Juvenile Court and an expert panelist with the Family Courts. At the national level, she is a member of the National Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation (NYGR) Research Committee.
Aggressive youths and their relationships with parents,At-risk youths,Discipline in schools/Classroom,Juvenile Delinquency,Pathological Internet Use among teens,Social Problem Solving Skills,and peers
  • Exploring classroom practices that affect student wellbeing
  • Monetary Academic Resources for Research
• 1998: Nominated for President Award for Teachers.
• 2006-2008: Recipient of NIE’s Excellence in Commendation Award.
• 2008: Recipient of the NTU’s Nanyang Award for Excellence in Teaching.
• 2011: Recipient of Educational Review Journal’s most cited article award