Academic Profile

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Dr Fabian Lim Chin Leong
Senior Lecturer, Medical Education (Postgraduate Programmes), Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Senior Lecturer, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

  • Community Tai Chi programme as a complementary modality to mitigate age-associated decline in metabolic and musculoskeletal health in older adults

  • Design, validate and recommend a Heat Acclimatisation Programme and Operations-Rest Cycle for Airport Emergency Service Officers - Changi Airport Group

  • Molecular Phenotyping of Young Adult-Onset Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Singapore - A Systems Medicine Approach

  • Perceptions and reactions of NTU researchers to different forms of research integrity training methods

  • Toward AI Opponent in VR Game

  • Translating 'omics' into a stratified approach for prevention of type 2 diabetes: TOAST-T2D
  • Goh J, Lim CL, Suzuki K.(2018). Immune responses to intense physical training impacts the health of athletes. Concurrent Aerobic and Strength Training: Scientific Basics and Practical Application.