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Asst Prof Kim Nu ri
Assistant Professor

  • Broadening minds through intergroup contact: A test of a new scale for representative thinking

  • Strengthening the Social Fabric of Singapore: Perspectives From Intergroup Contact Theory (PICTO)
  • Chung, M. & Kim, N. (2020). When I learn the news is false: How fact-checking information stems spread of fake news via third-person perception. Human Communication Research, in press.

  • Kim, N., Kim, H. K., Wojcieszak, M., Igartua, J.-J., & Lim, C. M. (2019). The presence of the protagonist: Explaining narrative perspective effects through social presence. Media Psychology, in press.

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  • Kim, N., Krosnick, J., & Lelkes, Y. (2018). Race of interviewer effects in telephone surveys preceding the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 31, 220-242. https://10.1093/ijpor/edy005

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