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Assoc Prof Kim Nu ri
Associate Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
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I am an Associate Professor at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

My research explores issues of “difference" in discursive communication environments that have implications for policy. I am interested in how difference is perceived and functions in the political realm, how people come to understand and demarcate difference, the effects of communication across lines of difference, and in ways to overcome and coexist as a society beyond differences. I’ve studied various contexts in which people of differing, often antagonistic, backgrounds communicate with one another on various platforms.

My work has appeared in top-tiered journals in communication such as Journal of Communication, Communication Research and New Media and Society. I was the recipient of the Young Scholar Award from the Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies for my research on minorities in deliberation. I am also the winner of the the Nanyang Education Award (School).

Before joining NTU, I studied at Stanford University (Ph.D., Department of Communication), University of Wisconsin—Madison (M.A., Department of Communication Arts), and Yonsei University (B.A., Department of Communication).
Deliberative theory; Political communication; Intergroup communication; Mediated communication
  • Strengthening the Social Fabric of Singapore: Perspectives From Intergroup Contact Theory (PICTO)
• Article of the Year Award. “How to enhance the effects of mediated intergroup contact: Evidence from four countries”, Mass Communication & Society, 2021
• Nanyang Education Award–School. Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. NTU, 2018
• New Scholar Award. Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies (한국언론학회), Pohang, Korea, 2015
• Top Student Paper Award. “Beyond rationality: The role of anger and information in deliberation”, Political Communication Division, 59th International Communication Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, USA, 2009
• Charles C. Pearce Award in Communication Science. Department of Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin—Madison, 2006
Fellowships & Other Recognition
• Editorial board member. Communication Methods and Measures, 2021-Present
• International Liaison (Elected). Intergroup Communication Division, International Communication Association (ICA), 2019-2022
• Burt and Deedee McMurtry Fellow of the Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science and Engineering (SGF). Stanford University, 2007-2010
Courses Taught
A9012 - Communication Theory
CI7012 - Communication Theory
CS0201 - Foundations of Communication Studies
CS2050 - People, Politics & The Media
Supervision of PhD Students
Zheng Jingwei (PhD student)
Li Zhuoman (PhD student)
Xiancheng Jiang (Visiting PhD student)