Academic Profile

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Asst Prof Lorainne Tudor Car
Assistant Professor, Evidence Based Medicine, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

  • A Choice for Life - Education about Diabetes in a Fully Immersive Environment (VR)

  • Developing, evaluating and changing behaviours: strengthening the evidence for the use of conversational agents in health care

  • Extending Health Span through Diabetes Health Literacy and Competency Assessment (HeaLiX health bot)

  • Future Health Technologies (FHT) Module 2 “Mobile Digital Health Interventions"

  • Infomation seeking behaviour of primary care practitioners in Singapore: finding evidence to support high-quality patient care

  • Is Gamification more Efficacious then Conventional Multiple Choice Quiz (MCQ) in a Telegram Surgical Education platform?

  • Preventing limb losses in Singapore through health literacy and healthcare improvements