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Prof John Campbell Chambers
Professor, Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Director of Health Screening Centre, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
President’s Chair in Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Professor, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
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• Dr Ng Hong Kiat, Research Fellow

Professor John Chambers graduated with a BA (first class) from Oxford University. He went on to complete an MBBS and PhD at London University. While in the UK, he led an extensive research programme, while also working as a practising cardiologist with the London North West Hospitals NHS Trust. His clinical activities included the care of acute cardiac patients, elective and acute PCI, and cardiac device implants.

Prof Chambers' research focuses on identification of mechanisms that underlie the high rate of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in Asian populations, as well as translational research to improve prevention and control of these major diseases. Supported by major funding from the EU, UK and an NMRC STaR Award, he has established and leads large-scale prospective population studies in Europe, South Asia and Singapore. These unique population cohorts have led to the discovery of novel genetic and epigenetic pathways associated with coronary heart disease, type-2 diabetes, obesity, and related metabolic disturbances implicating new molecular pathways underlying these diseases. To date, he has published >30 papers in Nature Genetics and Nature.

As Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology at LKCMedicine, Prof Chambers will continue to focus on identifying new strategies for prediction and prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. He also aims to aspire a new generation of researchers who will continue his efforts in identifying novel ways to predict and prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. He hopes to achieve these through the various research networks he has established in the region, the research platform at LKCMedicine and clinical platform at local healthcare facilities, in particular, those under the National Healthcare Group.
  • Advancing precision medicine for cardiovascular disease and diabetes in Asian populations
  • Global Health Research Unit and Network for Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease in South Asia
  • Indoor air microbiomes as a gateway to exposome-guided precision medicine for respiratory disease
  • President's Chair in Cardiovascular Epidemiology (John Chambers)
  • Preventive and Predictive Population Health Study
  • Translating 'omics' into a stratified approach for prevention of type 2 diabetes: TOAST-T2D