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Asst Prof Jonghyuk Lee
Assistant Professor, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Deputy Coordinator of MSc (Asian Studies) Programme, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS)
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Journal Articles
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Note: * denotes the corresponding and leading author

• Jonghyuk Lee* and Victor C. Shih, “Machine-learning Analysis of Leadership Formation in China to Parse the Roles of Loyalty and Institutional Norms,” PNAS – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120:45 (2023).

• Jonghyuk Lee*, “Machine-learning Applications in Authoritarian Selection: The Case of China,” Research and Politics 10:4 (2023). [Top 6 in Political Science and International Relations at SJR]

• Jonghyuk Lee*, “Incentivized Inequality: Career Incentives and Investment Distribution in China,” Journal of Chinese Political Science (2023). [Top 1 in Area Studies at SSCI]

• Jonghyuk Lee*, “Economic Compensation for Elite Dismissals in Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from Chinese Provincial Officials,” Asian Journal of Social Science (2023).

• Zi Yang and Jonghyuk Lee*, “The PLA’s International Relief Operations amid Regional and Global Disease Outbreaks—With Reference to the Ebola and Covid-19 Cases,” Korean Journal of Defense Analysis 35:2 (2023).

• Jonghyuk Lee*, “Coping with Crisis without Political Reform: Party’s Adaptation Strategies on the Provincial Standing Committee during Post-Mao China,” Asian Survey 61:3 (2021).

• Victor C. Shih* and Jonghyuk Lee, “Locking in Fair Weather Friends: Assessing the Fate of Chinese Communist Elite When Their Patrons Fall from Power,” Party Politics 26:5 (2020). [Q1 at SJR]

• David A. Meyer, Victor C. Shih*, and Jonghyuk Lee, “Factions of Different Stripes: Gauging the Recruitment Logics of Factions in the Reform Period,” Journal of East Asian Studies 16:1 (2016).
Book Chapters
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• Jonghyuk Lee*, “A Data-driven Assessment of the CPC Leadership,” in CPC Futures: The New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Edited by Frank N. Pieke and Bert Hofman, NUS Press, 2022
Opinions & Commentaries
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• “The Future of Factional Politics in China under Xi Jinping,” RSIS Commentary (2023).

• “Understanding China’s Strategic Culture: A Clash of Realpolitik and Cultural Moralism,” RSIS Commentary (2023).

• “China’s Loosening Covid Policy: Lessons from India and Singapore” (with Xingjun Pan), IDSS paper (2023).

• “Xi Jinping’s Political Victory and the “Smart” Reunification Strategy: The Implication of the 20th CPC National Congress on the Cross-Strait Relations” (with Anthony Toh), IDSS paper (2022).

• “The Loyalty-Competence Trade-off in Xi Jinping’s Selection of Party Top Brass,” IDSS paper (2022).

• “Xi Jinping’s Legitimacy Malaise Is Bad News for Cross-Strait Relations” (with Anthony Yang), The Diplomat (2022).

• “AI has Spoken: Who will Make Xi’s Top Team, as Revealed by Machine Learning,” South China Morning Post (2022).

• “No Winner’s Game: Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan and Geopolitics in Asia” (with Anthony Toh Han Yang and Zi Yang), IDSS paper (2022).

• “From Pragmatism to Aggression: The Sources and Consequences of China’s Assertive Foreign Policy under Xi Jinping” (with Anthony Toh), IDSS paper (2022).

• “Latin America’s Choice and the Cross-strait Diplomatic Battle” (with Linbin Wang), The Diplomat (2022).

• “Machine-learning Predictions on the 20th Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China,” IDSS paper (2022).

• “Latin America: Arena of Cross-Strait Rivalry” (with Linbin Wang), IDSS paper (2022).

• “A Taipei Moment Next?” (with Linbin Wang), IDSS paper (2022).

• “Simulating a War without Cost: The Implication of the Russo-Ukrainian War on the Cross-strait Relations in China,” Sungkyun China Insight (2022).

• 중국의 전략적 문화에 대한 이해: 현실주의와 도덕주의의 충돌, The China: the JoongAng (2023).

• 중국의 쇠퇴를 논하기 전에 생각해봐야 할 것들, SBS Premium (2023).

• 중국은 미국을 대체하려 하지 않는다. 그저 중국 위치로 끌어내리려 할 뿐이다, The China: the JoongAng (2023).

• 싱가포르와 중국, The China: the JoongAng (2023).

• 시진핑 천하의 파벌 정치 어떻게 변할까, The China: the JoongAng (2022).

• 중국 새 지도부, AI는 미리 알고 있었다?, Sungkyun China Brief (2022).

• 중국 최고지도부 ‘충성파’로 채운 시진핑, 과잉 충성 경쟁 우려, Chosun-Biz (2022).
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