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Asst Prof Ng Wei Tat, Leonard
Assistant Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Leonard Ng Wei Tat is an Assistant Professor at the School of Materials Science & Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). His research now focuses on data-driven techniques for roll-to-roll printed flexible electronics, in particular photovoltaics. Specifically, his work revolves around additive manufacturing, printing, and polymer composites for a variety of sustainable applications. Additionally, his research uses machine-learning enabled inverse design to continuously improve high-throughput manufacturing.

Leonard received his PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge in Engineering in 2019 where he worked on developing low-cost and high-throughput printed electronics using Graphene and other 2d materials. Leonard is also an NTU International Postdoctoral Scholar, where he undertook a 2-year visiting appointment the Commonwealth Scientific International Research organisation (CSIRO). He is also a recipient of the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship where he developed commercial applications in the renewable energy sector in the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe based on his patents.

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2D Materials and Nanomaterials, Printed Electronics, High-throughput roll-to-roll nanomaterial device fabrication, 3D Printing, Data-driven materials discovery and engineering

  • Developing lightweight, high-performance polymer-based intumescent coatings for roof-mounted photovoltaics on legacy roofing material in Singapore.
  • Development and Optimization of Ternary Non-Fullerene Acceptors
  • Flexible, sustainable, next-generation roll-to-roll printed solar cells
  • MS0003-LLM: A Generative Chatbot for Personalised Learning in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Performance Enhancement of Flexible multi-component Organic photovoltaics using interlayer engineering
Fellowships & Other Recognition
CoE International Postdoctoral Fellowship (Singapore) - 2021
Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship (UK) - 2019
Courses Taught
MS0003-Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
MS4671-Introduction to Materials Simulation
MS1016-Thermodynamics of Materials
Supervision of PhD Students
Li Yujia
Maloy Das