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Asst Prof Ng Wei Tat, Leonard
Assistant Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Journal Articles
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Book - L. Ng W. T., G. Hu., R. C T. Howe, Z. Yang, C. Jones, and T. Hasan. “Printing of Graphene and Related 2D Materials: Technology, Formulation and Applications”, Springer, 1st edition. 2019 edition, ISBN-10: 3319915711, ISBN-13: 978-3319915715

Patent - L. Ng W. T., G. Hu, R. C T. Howe, T. Hasan, Z. Yang, “Nanoplatelet dispersions, methods for their production and uses thereof”, WO 2017013263, 2017

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X. Zhu, L. Ng W. T., G. Hu, T-C Wu, D. Um, N. Macadam, Hasan, T.Hasan* “Hexagonal boron nitride enhanced optically transparent polymer dielectric inks for printable electronics”, Advanced Functional Materials, 2020

L. Ng W. T., X. Zhu, G. Hu, N. Macadam, D. Um, T-C Wu, , F. Le Moal, C. G. Jones, and T. Hasan. “Conformal printing of graphene for single and multi-layered devices on to arbitrarily shaped 3D surfaces”, Advanced Functional Materials, 2019

G.Hu, J. Kang, L. Ng W. T., X. Zhu , R. C. T. Howe, C. G. Jones, Mark C. Hersam, and T. Hasan. “Functional inks and printing of two-dimensional materials”, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2018

T. Juntunen, H. Jussila, M. Ruoho, S. Liu, G. Hu, T. A. Owen, L. Ng W. T., R. C. T. Howe, T. Hasan, Z. Sun, and I. Tittonen. “Inkjet Printed Large-Area Flexible Few-Layer Graphene Thermoelectric”, Advanced Functional Materials, 2018