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Asst Prof Yin Fang
Assistant Professor, School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Journal Articles
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Lin,Y*†,; Gao, X*,; Yue, J*,; Fang, Y*,; Shi, J,; Clayton, C,; Zhang, X,; Meng, L.;Shi, F,; Deng, J,; Chen, S,; Jiang, Y,; Marin, F,; Hu, J,; Tsai, H.; Tu, Q,; Roth, L. K.; Bleher, R.; Chen, X,; Griffin, P. J.; Cai, Z,; Odom, T,; Tian, B† Soil-Like Material for Responsive Matrices and Microbial Modulation. Nature Chemistry, 2022 *Equal Contribution authors

Fang, Y†.; Tian, B†. Curving neural nano-bioelectronics. Nature Nanotechnology. 2019, 14, 733-735. †Co-corresponding authors

Fang, Y.†; Yang, X.; Lin, Y.; Shi, J.; Prominski, A.; Clayton, C.; Ostroff, E.; Tian, B†. Dissection of biological and synthetic soft-hard interfaces for tissue-like systems. Chemical Reviews. 2021. †Co-corresponding authors

Fang, Y. *†; Han, E. *; Zhang, X. *; Jiang, Y. *; Lin, Y.; Shi, J.; Wu, J.; Meng, L.; Gao, X.; Griffin, P. J.; Xiao, X,; Tsai, H.; Zhou. H.; Zuo, X.; Zhang, Q.; Chu, M.; Zhang, Q.; Gao, Y.; Roth, L. K.; Bleher, R.; Ma, Z.; Jiang, Z.; Yue, J.; Kao, C.; Chen, C.; Tokmakoff, A.; Wang, J.; Jaeger, H†.; Tian, B†. Dynamic and programmable cellular-scale granules enable tissue-like materials. Matter. 2020, 2, 1-17. *Equal Contribution authors; †Co-corresponding authors

Jiang, Y.*; Li, X.*; Liu, B.*; Yi, J.; Fang, Y.; Shi, F.; Gao, X.; Sudzilovsky, E.; Parameswaran, R.; Koehler, K.; Nair, V.; Yue, J.; Guo, K.; Fang, Y.; Tsai, H.; Freyermuth, G.; Wong, R.; Kao, C.; Nicholls, A.; Wu, X.; Shepherd, G.; Tian, B.† Rational design of silicon structures for multiscale and optically controlled biointerfaces. Nature Biomedical Engineering., 2018.

Fang, Y.; Ni, Y.; Leo, S.; Taylor, C.; Basile, V.; Jiang, P. † Reconfigurable Photonic Crystals Enabled by Pressure-Responsive Shape Memory Polymers. Nature Communication, 2015, 6, 7416.

Fang, Y.; Ni, Y.; Choi, B.; Leo, S.; Gao, J.; Ge, B.; Taylor, C.; Basile, V.; Jiang, P. † Chromogenic Photonic Crystals Enabled by Novel Vapor-Responsive Shape Memory Polymers. Advanced Materials, 2015, 27, 3696-3704.
Keynote Speeches & Editorship of Special Issues
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Associate editor of Frontier in Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Guest editor of Frontier in Robotics and AI