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Asst Prof Yu Junhong
Nanyang Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
Dr Yu obtained his PhD in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong, where he did his doctoral training in clinical neuropsychology and multimodal neuroimaging. Prior to his current appointment in NTU, he was a research fellow at the Department of Psychological Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, and was actively involved in several community mental health and cognitive aging research projects. During his PhD studies, he has won the ‘Psychology Research Publication Award (1st prize)’ — twice, and more recently he was awarded the ‘Outstanding Talk Award’ at the Society for Neuroscience, Singapore Chapter, Annual Symposium 2020. Dr Yu regularly contributes his expertise to wider community, both as a peer-reviewer for several psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience journals, and as a scientific adviser to psychology/mental health-related startups.

Prospective FYP and URECA students— please check out the 'Join the lab' page on the Cognitive and Brain Health Laboratory website
Population neuroscience: Lifespan-related changes in the brain, socio-economic factors, big neuroimaging data

Cognitive aging: mild cognitive impairment, dementia, superior-cognitive aging, neural correlates of cognitive functions, predictors of subsequent cognitive decline

Brain-based behavioral predictions: multimodal neuroimaging features, connectome-based prediction models

Cognitive enhancements: low cost interventions targeted at the masses (e.g., nutrition based), non-invasive brain stimulation, neurofeedback.
  • Individual differences and engagement in mindfulness intervention
  • Mind wandering in nature to incubate creativity
  • The individualized prediction of geriatric mental health outcomes using brain connectivity