Academic Profile

I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Nanyang Technological University, where I am also the coordinator of the Gender and Diversity research cluster. In AY2020-21, I was Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University.

My research interests centre on issues in moral and political philosophy. I have published papers on political resistance, disability, justice, political liberalism, and effective altruism.

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* DPhil (PhD) in Philosophy, University of Oxford, Corpus Christi College (2020)
* MPhil in Philosophy, University College London (2017)
* MA in Philosophy, National University of Singapore (2013).
* BA (Hons) in Philosophy, National University of Singapore (2011).
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Asst Prof Lim Chong Ming
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Moral philosophy
Political philosophy
  • Remembering Wrongdoing

  • Resisting Injustice
  • 2015. Accommodating autistics and treating autism: Can we have both? Bioethics 29(8): 564-572.

  • 2016. Clarifying the best interests standard: The elaborative and enumerative strategies in public policy-making. Journal of Medical Ethics 42: 542-549.

  • 2016. An incomplete inclusion of non-cooperators in a Rawlsian theory of justice. Res Philosophica 93(4): 893-920.

  • 2017. Reviewing resistances to reconceptualising disability. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 117(3): 321-331.

  • 2018. Public reason, compromise within consensus, and legitimacy. In Manuel Knoll, Stephen Snyder & Nurdane Şimşek (eds.), New Perspectives on Distributive Justice: Deep Disagreements, Pluralism, and the Problem of Consensus. De Gruyter Press.

  • 2018. Disabilities are also legitimately medically interesting constraints on legitimate interests. Mind 127(508): 977-1002.

  • 2019. Effectiveness and ecumenicity. Journal of Moral Philosophy 16(5): 590-612.

  • 2020. Vandalising tainted commemorations. Philosophy & Public Affairs 48(2): 185-216.

  • 2020. (Invited contribution) Transforming problematic commemorations through vandalism. Journal of Global Ethics.