Academic Profile

Dr Bilyana Shuman teaches Communication and Academic Writing courses at the Language and Communication Centre (LCC). Dr Shuman has an extensive teaching experience having taught English Language and English Literature courses in the UK and Language and Linguistics courses in Singapore. She holds a BA (Teaching Degree) in English Language and Literature, PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) in English with Media and Drama and a PhD in Linguistics and Multilingual studies.
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Dr Bilyana Shuman
Lecturer, School of Humanities

• Language and communication
• Talk in interaction including
multimodal behaviour
• Children’s language development
• Bilingualism and multilingualism
• Intercultural communication
  • Shuman, B. (2020, July 6-9). Extreme Case Formulations (ECFs) in Children’s Interactions [Paper presentation]. The 13th Annual International Conference on Language & Linguistics, Athens, Greece.

  • Shuman, B. (2018, March 30-31). Vowel reduction in Serbian [Paper presentation]. The 4th Belgrade International Meeting of English Phoneticians (BIMEP), Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Shuman, B. (2017, July 3-6). Children's Discursive Practices and Employment of Membership Categories as a Resource for Resistance to Impositions [Paper presentation]. The 10th Annual International Conference on Languages & Linguistics, Athens, Greece.

  • Shuman, B. (2017, January 18). Membership Categories in Children’s Interactions [Paper presentation]. The Symposium on Membership Categorization Analysis, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

  • Shuman, B. (2016, October 26). Invocation of rules in adversative episodes within children’s interactions [Paper presentation]. The Discourse and Rhetoric Group (DARG) event series, Loughborough University, Loughborough, United Kingdom.