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Yeo Min Hui received her DPhil degree from the University of Oxford and is assistant professor at the Department of Chinese. Her research interests include film and cultural connections between East and Southeast Asia, as well as issues relating to the cultural and geopolitical concept of "Nanyang". She has co-edited a pictorial biography on the “Queen of Amoy-dialect Cinema”, Chong Sit Fong, entitled Xue Ni Fang Zong Zhuang Xue Fang (雪霓芳踪莊雪芳) (Singapore: Lingzi Media, 2017). Her first monograph, Amoy-dialect Cinema and Dialect Identity Transformations in Singapore and Malaya (1948-1966) (我们的电影,我们的家:厦语电影与新马厦语身份的渐变 (1948-1966年)) (Singapore: Centre for Chinese Studies, Singapore University of Social Sciences, 2020), was published in 2020.
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Asst Prof Yeo Min Hui
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Film, Cultural history, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Singapore
  • Yeo Min Hui (co-authored with Toh Hun Ping), “The Relationship Between Anarchism and the Film Industry in Malaya: A Preliminary Investigation into the Role of the Nanyang Film Company as Contact Point in the 1925 Kuala Lumpur Bomb Outrage (馬來亞無政府主義運動的電影牽繫:1925 年吉隆坡爆炸案中南洋影片公司的聯絡站角色初探)”, Taiwan Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (台灣東南亞學刊), Vol.15, No.2 (2020): pp.5-32.

  • Yeo Min Hui. Our Films, Our Home – Amoy Films and the Changing Amoy Identity in Singapore and Malaysia (1948-1966) (我们的电影,我们的家— 厦语电影与新马厦语身份的渐变 (1948-1966)). Singapore: Centre for Chinese Studies, Singapore University of Social Sciences, 2020.

  • Yeo Min Hui, “Zhuishu Ailangnuo de Xueshu Lvcheng (追述艾朗诺 (Ronald Egan) 的学术旅程)", I, Lofen ed. Xueshu Jinzhen Du Yu Ren (学术金针度与人). Singapore: Global Publishing, 2015: pp.25-38.