Academic Profile : Faculty

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Dr Priscilla Koh
Lecturer, School of Social Sciences
Priscilla Koh is an anthropologist and historian whose research interests are in Southeast Asian history, culture and society, particularly those to do with ethnic identity and belonging, social memory and identity, transnational migration and ties, and the narratives of marginalised communities.

She was a lecturer at the University of Liverpool in Singapore, where she taught classes on youth crime and justice, transnational crime and victimology. Prior to that, Priscilla was a researcher at the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), where she was involved in national longitudinal studies on youth offenders, and on well-being and burn-out factors of front-line officers.
Migration & Diaspora, Refugees, Race, Ethnicity & Ethnic Identity in Southeast Asia, Social Memories, Narratives of the Marginalised and Vulnerable Segments of Society, Deviance & Subcultures, Youth Crime & Justice.