Academic Profile

I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), where I am also a coordinator for the Gender & Diversity interdisciplinary research cluster.

My research interests centre on issues in ethics, social philosophy, early Chinese and Straits Chinese philosophy, as well as comparative philosophy. I have published papers (under a pen name) on false consciousness, moral blameworthiness, early Confucianism, totalitarianism, social ontology, Han Feizi, genealogy, virtue ethics, K.C. Bhattacharyya, moral psychology, and aesthetics.

I am currently an instructor for the Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum (ICC) Course CC0003 Ethics & Civics in a Multicultural World and am also supervising an undergraduate Final Year Project (FYP) in the philosophy of religion and applied ethics.

As a Fellow of AdvanceHE UK (formerly the UK Higher Education Academy), I have taught a variety of courses on ethics, social philosophy, political philosophy, history of 'Western' philosophy, philosophy of religion, and early Chinese philosophy at several institutions both in Singapore and in the UK (prior to joining NTU).

While a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, I was a graduate fellow at CRITIQUE, Centre for Ethics and Critical Thought. I was also a committee member for both the Edinburgh Women in Philosophy Group (now the Edinburgh MAP chapter) and the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences (PPLS)'s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Other Protected Characteristics Working Group; the organiser of the Edinburgh Philosophy and Phenomenology (EPiPHENy) Reading Group; as well as the manager of the Scots Phenomenology Mailing List.

PhD in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh (2021)
MA (Research) in Philosophy, National University of Singapore (2017)
BA (Hons) in Philosophy, National University of Singapore (2015)
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Dr Lilith Lee
Lecturer, School of Humanities

Social Philosophy,
Early Chinese philosophy,
Straits Chinese philosophy,
Comparative Philosophy
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