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Assoc Prof Hadijah Bte Rahmat
Head, Asian Languages & Cultures
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Asian Languages & Cultures
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A/P Hadijah Rahmat is an Associate Professor and the Head of the Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

She is a leading scholar in the Malay-Indonesian Studies and prominent Malay language and culture educator or educational expert and highly recognized literary author. She was selected by the South East Literary Councils (MASTERA) as a Prominent Scholar to deliver a series of lectures on Comparative Literature in Kuala Lumpur, Brunei and Jakarta (2001). She was Chairperson for the Malay Language Curriculum and Pedagogy Review Committee (MLCPRC), MOE, 2005 that provided the vision of 'Ariff Budiman' (the learned person who contributes to society) in the ML curriculum.

She has achieved unique, outstanding achievements in multidisciplinary research-teaching-writing approaches; synthesizing literature, geography, history, sociology and arts. For almost 35 years of her professional career, she has been dedicatedly, consistently serving and providing very significant and impactful leadership in her dynamic, diversified areas of expertise at national, regional and international levels. She has received several awards and recognitions for her vision, relentless commitments, contributions and achievements to Singapore and international academic professionals and literary community.

She joined NIE on 1 Nov 1987 and has been serving NIE with dedication, sustained and impactful performances that enhanced NIE standing in national, regional and international arena. She is a highly respected figure in the Malay-Indonesian Studies in South East Asia and Europe. Since appointed as Covering Head ALC on 1 July 2014 and Head of ALC since Jan 2018 to date, she has stabilized ALC AG, building a strong management team with assistant heads of three language divisions (CL,ML,TL), restructuring its organization, refining the programme coordination at divisional and AG levels and improve collegiality and work culture. She has strengthened ALC collaboration and partnership with national, regional and international educational and professional institutions.

Visiting Appointments
• Fulbright Visiting Scholar at University of California Berkeley, Library of Congress, Washington DC and University of Harvard, USA from Nov 2002 to May 2003;
• Affiliated Fellow at IIAS (International Institute of Asian Studies), University Leiden, Netherland (Sept - Dec 2010)
• Visiting Scholar at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London (Jan- April 2011)

International Agencies/Organisations
• Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society, of Great Britain and Ireland.
• Fulbright Fellow, Fulbright Association, Singapore.
• Affiliated Fellow, International Institute of Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden University

Hadijah has been serving in various high level national an international committees:-

Service Appointments - International
• Advisory Board Journal of Malay and Indonesian World, University of London
• International Advisory Board, International Journal of Malay World, DBP (2015 to date)
• Chairperson/Head of MASTERA Singapore (the Councils of South East Asian Literature, Singapore) Since 2012 to 2020
• Head of the Malay Language Council of Spore (MLCS) Delegation to South East Asia Literary Council Conference, at Brunei, 12 and 13 Mac 2006.
• Chairperson, 21st Meeting of the Councils of South East Asian Literature, MASTERA, at Kuala Lumpur, Sept 2016.

Service Appointments - National
• Chairperson for the Malay Language Curriculum and Pedagogy Review Committee (MLCPRC), MOE, 2005.
• Board Member of MOE LKY Bilingual Fund, chaired by Minister of Education & the Fund Evaluation Committee (PEC)
• LKY Bilingual Fund chaired by Ms Ho Peng, DGE; Deputy Chair, Malay Language Councils, Singapore (2012-2020).
• Advisory Committee, National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore
• Vice Chairperson of Broadcast, Publications and Arts Appeal Committee (BPAAC), Ministry of Communications and Information Singapore
• NLB Library Consultative Panel (2015-2017)
• NAC Arts Advisory Panel
• The Malay Community Committee, appointed by the President of Singapore,in 2019 in accordance with section 27C(2) of the Parliamentary Elections Act.

She has written 7 scholar books and edited 16 scholarly books in both English and Malay language; 16 book chapters, 35 journal articles and 30 conference papers; 2 poetry books and two children books and numerous articles in professional books and newspapers. Her publications are regarded as ground-breaking works, multidisciplinary and for creatively blending academic insights with artistic expressions.
A/P Hadijah's current research interests are in the fields of colonial History in South East Asia; Malay and Indonesian literature; Malay Philosophy and culture; Children’s literature and History of Malay Kampung; Literature Pedagogy
• 2020 – 2023 Appointed Member of the Board of Visiting Judges(BOVJ) and Board of Inspection (BOI) by the Minister of Home Affairs, Singapore
• 2020 – 2021 Member of Advisory Board the National Museum of Singapore, NMS (1 Jan 2020- 31 Dec 2021)
• 2018 - 2021 Appointed Vice-Chairperson of Broadcast, Publications and Arts Appeal Committee (BPAAC), Ministry of Communication and Information, S’pore (Nov 2018- 31 Oct 2021)
• 2016 Infocomm Media Development Authority Long Service Award for her contributions to Broadcast, Publications and Arts Appeal Committee (BPAAC) for the past 10 years
• 2015 AURA HAWA ICON - One of 25 icons of visions, resilience and commitment of Malay-Muslim of Singapore
• 2014 Pingat Bakti Setia (PBS) “Friend of MCCY Award”, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth for Relentless social/national commitment to Singapore (24 years of Service)
• 2014 NIE/NTU Long Service Award (25 years)
• 2013 National Day Long Service Award
• 2012 – 2020 Deputy Chair (Chair is Senior Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Education, Dr Mohd Faisal Ibrahim), The Malay Language Council Singapore, MCCY
• 2011 Tun Seri Lanang Award, Highest Malay Literary Awardby the Malay Language Councils, Singapore
• 2009 Received the NIE/NTU Long Service Award (20 years)
• 2007 Public Administration Medal (bronze), Singapore National Day
• 2005 Featured as "Wanita intelek" (Intellectual Woman Personality) in MANJA Magazine, Mediacorps Magazine (Sept, 2005)
• 2001 Received the NTU Excellence in Teaching Certificate of Commendation