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Assoc Prof Stuart Victor Springham
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Natural Sciences & Science Education
Journal Articles (Central)
Talebitaher, A. R., Springham, S. V., Shutler, P. M. E., Rawat, R. S., Lee, P. (2012). Imaging of Plasma Focus Fusion by Proton Coded Aperture Technique. Journal of Fusion Energy, 31(4), 234-241.

Talebitaher, A., Springham, S.V., Rawat, R.S., Lee, P. (2011). Beryllium Neutron Activation Detector for Pulsed DD Fusion Sources. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A, 659(1), 361-367.

Roshan, M. V., Springham, S. V., Rawat, R. S., Lee, P. (2010). Short-lived PET Radi oisotope Production in a Small Plasma Focus Device. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 38(12), 3393-3397.

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Roshan, M. V., Rawat, R. S., Talebitaher, A., Lee, P., & Springham, S. V. (2009). Neutron and high energy deuteron anisotropy investigations in plasma focus device. Physics of Plasmas, 16(5), 053301.

Springham S.V., Malik F., Roshan M.V., Talebitaher A.R., Rawat R.S. , Lee P. (2009). Ferrofluidic masking of solid state nuclear track detectors during etching. Radiation Measurements, 44(2), 173-175.

Roshan, M. V., Springham, S. V.,Talebitaher, A. R., Rawat, R. S., & Lee, P. (2009). Nuclear activation measurements of high energy deuterons from a small plasma focus. Physics Letters A, 373(8-9), 851-855.

Mahmood, S., Springham, S. V., Zhang, T., Rawat, R. S., Tan, T. L., Krishnan, M., Beg, F. N., Lee, S., Schmidt, H., & Lee, P. (2006). Novel Fast-Neutron Activation Count er for High Repetition Rate Measurements. Review of Scientific Instruments, 77(10), 10.

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Springham, S. V., Lee, S., Moo, S. P. (2002). Deuterium Plasma Focus Measurements using Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors. Brazilian Journal of Physics, 32, 172-178.

Springham, S. V., Lee, S., Rafique, M. S. (2000). Correlated Deuteron Energy Spectra and Neutron Yield for a 3kJ Plasma Focus. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 42, 1023-1032.

Springham S V, Osipowicz T, Sanchez J L, Gan L H, Watt F (1997). Micromachining using Deep Ion Beam Lithography. Nuclear Instruments and Methods B, 130, 155-159.

Springham S V, Branford D, Da vinson T, Shotter A C, Yorkston J, McGeorge J C, Kellie J D, Hall S J, Beck R, Jennewein P, Schoch B (1990). High-resolution Study of the 12C(g,p) Reaction with 49-78.5 MeV Tagged Photons. Nuclear Physics, A 517, 93-107.

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Shotter A C, Springham S V, Branford D , McGeorge J C (1988). 12C(g,p) Reaction at Ey= 60 MeV. Physical Review, C37, 1354-1356.

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