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Assoc Prof Tan Swee Ngin
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Natural Sciences & Science Education
Controlled Keywords
Tan Swee Ngin is an Associate Professor in Chemistry working in Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group, at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I was trained as an electro-analytical chemist and have strong interest in working in inter-disciplinary applied research areas. My early research work has focused strongly on the development of electro-chemical sensing devices for different applications. I have collaborated with engineers and defence department scientists on the development of field-based sensors for the development of micro-devices. I have also worked on other applied inter-disciplinary areas involving separation science and phytoremediation. The applied phytoremediation projects for real site applications in Singapore have allowed my team to work with different government agencies, e.g. JTC, NParks, and PUB. I have incorporated some of my applied research ideas into relevant courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

I have published typically in the following journals: Analytical Chemistry, Journal of Chromatography A, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Chimica Acta, Sensors and Actuators A (Chemical), Talanta and Electroanalysis. I also serve as reviewers for the above and other journals.
Electrochemistry, Separation Science, Phytoremediation
Courses Taught
Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Green Chemistry
Supervision of PhD Students
1. Li Juan, Development and Applications of Electrochemical Biosensors (PhD Thesis, 1998). Role: Sole Supervisor
2. Hua Lin, Development of Electrochemical Detection Techniques for Capillary Electrophoresis (PhD Thesis, 2001). Role: Sole Supervisor
3. Ge Liya, Analyses of Purine Bases by Capillary Electrophoresis (PhD Thesis, 2005). Role: Main Supervisor
4. Teh Huey Fang, Electrochemical Detection Study of DNA, (PhD Thesis, 2007) Role: Co-Supervisor
5. Teo Chin Chye, Green Solvent Extraction Techniques Development & Metabolites Profiling in Medical plants, (PhD Thesis, 2010) Role: Main Supervisor
6. Lee Ai Cheng, DNA Detection based on Carbon Nanotubes (PhD thesis, 2008). Role: Co-Supervisor
7. Chang Yongqin, Flavonoids from two tropical plants in Zingiberacea: isolation, characterization and their antioxidant studies (PhD Thesis, 2011). Role: Main supervisor