Academic Profile : Faculty

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Prof Goh Chuen Meng Christine
NIE Director
President's Chair in Education (Linguistics & Language Education)
Professor, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature
Journal Articles (Central)
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Books (Central)
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Book Chapters (Central)
Sabnani, R. L. , & Goh, C. C. M. (2020). Speaking and good language teachers. In C. Griffiths, Z. Tajeddin & A. Brown. (Eds.), Lessons from Good Language Teachers(PP. 260-272). Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.

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Conference Papers (Central)

Conference Papers Without Proceedings

Goh, C. C. M. (2019, October). Disseminating research for policy and practice. Paper presented at 2nd Global Education Deans Forum, Shanghai, China.

Goh, C. C. M. (2019, April). Current and future directi ons in education across the globe. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2019 Conference, Toronto, Canada.

Goh, C. C. M. (2018, April). Learning to listen: A matter of top-down and bottom-up processing?. Paper presented at 52nd IATEFL International Conf erence, Brighton, United Kingdom.

Goh, C.C.M. (2017, June). English as lingua franca: Singapore's common tongue. LKY's educational legacy and the challenges of success (Invited Panel Discussion). Paper presented at Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2017, Singapore.

Goh, C.C.M. (2017, January). The role of metacognition in strategy learning. Paper presented at 51st IATEFL Conference, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Renandya, W.A., & Goh, C.C.M. (2016, September). Choosing the Right Graduate Study Programme Overseas. Paper presented at 63rd TEFLIN International co nference, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Goh, C. C. M. (2016, May). Improving speaking performance in higher education: From research to practice. Paper presented at NUS CELC Symposium 2016, Singapore.

Goh, C. C. M. (2014, August). Group discussions as authentic language learn ing tasks for oracy (listening & speaking) development. Paper presented at 12th Asia TEFL International Conference, Kuching, Malaysia.

Goh, C. C. M. (2014, April). Children's thinking and language use in group discussions in English-knowing bilingual classrooms. Paper presented at 49th RELC International Seminar (Critical Competencies for the 21st Century Language Classroom), Singapore.

Goh, C. C. M (2012, March). Declaring excellence in language learner/ learning strategy research and strategy-based instruction: Metacognition and second language listening. Paper presente d at TESOL International Conference, Philadelphia, United States.

Keynote Speeches & Editorship of Special Issues (Central)

Editorships of Special Issue of Journal

Goh, C. C. M. & Cirocki, A. (Ed.) (2016). The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL, Teaching and Researching Listening and Speaking Skills in the TESOL Classroom, 5 (2).

Liu, W. C., & Goh, C. C. M. (Ed.) (2016). Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Focus Issue: Teachers' perceptions, experience, and learning, 36 (S1).

Goh, C. C. M., & Aryadoust, S. V. (Ed.) (2015). International Journal of Listening, Research into Learner Listening, 28 (Fall).

Goh, C. C. M, Cross, J., Miller, L., Brown, S., & Chang, A. C. S. (Ed.) (2014). International Journal of Innovation in English Language Teaching & Research, Second and Foreign Language Listening Pedagogy and Assessment, 3 (2).

Keynote Addresses

Goh, C. C. M. (2020, November). AsTEN iConnect. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Educating teachers to pre pare learners for the future, Manila, Philippines.

Goh, C. C. M. (2020, October). 7th Annual Conference of Chinese Higher Education Development Network (CHED2020). KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Priorities for university learning and teaching for the future, Zhejiang, China.

Goh, C. C. M. (2020, Septem ber). 6th International Conference on Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Second Language. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, The theory and practice of teaching second language listening, Singapore.

Goh, C. C. M. (2020, July). English Language Teaching Today: Theory, Research and Practice. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Making second language oracy learning visible, Jilin, China.

Goh, C. C. M. (2019, November). 28th International Symposium on English Language Teaching. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, English language learners collaborating and exploring ideas through talk, Taipei, Taiwan.

Go h, C. C. M. (2019, August). 11th International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Consortium of Teaching Chinese as an International Language (第十一届亚太地区国际汉语教学学会年会). KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Teaching second language oracy: ESL perspectives, Singapore.

Goh, C. C. M. (2019, July). Professional Teacher Development in the Digital Era for Indonesia 4.0. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Enhancing teachers' communication skills for Industry 4.0, Bandung, Indonesia.

Goh, C. C. M. (2019, January). Nobel Prize Dialogue : The Future of Learning. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, The rise and role of English and the future of learning, Santiago, Chile.

Goh, C. C. M. (2018, November). ERAS-APERA International Conference 2018. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Helping students discover th e joy of talk, Singapore.

Goh, C.C.M. (2018, March). 53rd RELC International Conference. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, What can we learn from 50 years of teaching listening and speaking?, Singapore.

Other Research Outputs/Projects (Central)

Workshops and Seminars

Goh, C. C. M (2020, August). Research into practice: What do practitioners want? (Webinar: Making Research Accessible and Meaningful for Practitioners).

Goh, C. C. M. (2020, July). Flourish or perish? Personal reflections on writing and publishing (Webinar: A Conversation with Editors and Authors: What are They Looking For?).

Goh, C. C. M. (2019, November). Teaching learners to discuss ideas in the English class. (An invited workshop at the 28th International Symposium on English Language Teaching).

Goh, C. C. M. ( 2018, March). Understanding the role of metacognition in listening and speaking development. (An invited workshop at the 53rd RELC International Conference:50 years of English Language Teaching and Assessment.

Goh, C. C. M. (2020, June). Publishing in mainstream language journals: A per sonal reflection (Webinar: Publishing in Mainstream Language Journals).

Goh, C. C. M. (2018, January). The key to success for training leaders: Developing your people (An invited workshop for the SAF Training Leadership Programme, Core Module, for SAFTI Institute of Military Learning).

Goh, C. C. m (2015, December). Understanding the role of metacognition in language instruction and learning. (An Invited workshop at the TESOL Excellence in Language Instruction Conference).