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Assoc Prof Roksana Bibi Bte Abdullah
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Asian Languages & Cultures
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Dr Roksana Bibi bte Abdullah, an Associate Professor, joined the Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group since 1994. Trained as a Sociolinguist, Dr Roksana teaches in the area of linguistics, grammar, sociolinguistics, communication skills and approaches in language studies. She is currently the Higher Degree Programme Leader at AG level and she has served as Higher Degree Internal and External Examiner for a number of universities. She has also served as Reviewer for internationally refereed journals.

Dr Roksana has contributed extensively at AG and NIE/NTU level, as well as to other external agencies. She has been invited to sit on a range of working groups and committees by National Translation Committee and Ministry of Education. Besides that, she is also a member of the board of director of the Singapore Malay Teachers' Cooperative and currently holding the office of the Vice Chairperson.
Dr Roksana's areas of expertise include Contrastive and Error Analysis,Language Maintenance and Language Shift and Curriculum Implementation in early primary schooling in Singapore.,Language and Gender Issues
• 2019 Received National Day Award
• 2017 Received Long service award (NIE)
• 2015 Received Long Service Award (NIE)
• 2009 Received Long Service Award for Volunteering as a Probation Officer by MCCY
• 2008 Received Certificate of Honour Award by Singapore National Co-operative Federation
• 2007 Received SGM Exemplary Award by Singapore Malay Teachers' Cooperative
• 2005 Received Excellence in Teaching Award (NTU)
• 2004 Received Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award (NIE)
• 2004 Received Long Service Award ( NIE)
• 2000 Received Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award (NIE)