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Assoc Prof Tan Kwang San, Steven
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Physical Education & Sports Science
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Dr. Tan is the first Overseas Graduate Scholar for Physical Education and Sports Science, NIE. He has taught in public schools and tertiary institutions in Singapore and the United States for the past 30 years. Previously, he served as a consultant to the MOE for the development of the PE Teaching and Learning Syllabus (2016) and is also a member of the PE Syllabus Development Committee. Dr Tan currently serves on the Singapore University of Social Science, Sport and Physical Education Programme Advisory Committee. His teaching expertise includes Fundamental Movement Skills, Mentoring in Physical Education and Sport, and Sport Pedagogy. Presently, he is collaborating on a research grant with the Physical, Sport & Outdoor Education Branch, MOE in a project investigating teacher noticing and pedagogical practices of beginning and experienced PE teachers.

• Associate Professor (Tenured)
• Programme Leader, Teacher Training (PGDE PE)
Dr Steven Tan's research interests lie in Teacher Noticing in PE; Mentoring and Professional Development of Beginning Teachers; Fundamental Movement Skills Analysis.
  • The use of machine learning to enhance teaching-learning experiences in Physical Education
  • Teaching and Learning in Physical Education: Promoting Pupils' Participation in Lifelong Physical Activity
  • What Matters Most: Beginning and Experienced Teachers' Articulated Noticing In Physical Education through Pedagogies of Practice