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Assoc Prof Shanti Divaharan
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Learning Sciences and Assessment
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Dr Shanti Divaharan, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Learning Sciences and Assessment at the National Institute of Education (NIE) in Singapore. She began her career as a secondary school English Language and History teacher. She has been at NIE for the last 20 years working with pre-service teachers, teachers, heads of departments and school leaders. She received the Excellence in Teaching Commendation award at the National Institute of Education, in 2010, 2012 and 2020.

Shanti's primary focus is in the area of augmenting technology-integrated teaching practices. In particular, she is interested in exploring effective professional development for teachers in designing technology-mediated learning to enhance their students' learning experience. As Chair of curriculum committees, she was instrumental in revamping the academic groups' both core pre-service modules, ICT for Meaningful Learning and Teaching and Managing Learners. She was instrumental in introducing a suite of technology tools with complementing pedagogies such as multi-modal learning with the Interactive Whiteboard, mobile learning with iPad and Android tablets and Game-based learning. As Associate Dean, Pedagogical Development and Innovations, she was instrumental in building up a team of administrative staff to support the development of teaching and learning resources in NIE as well as the strategic direction.

Shanti's research focus is also in the area of augmenting technology-integrated teaching practices. She was the principal investigator in 'Pedagogy in NIE Teacher Education: Review, support and enhancement' and co-principal investigator in the study, 'Evaluation of Implementation of IT Masterplan 3 - A Nationwide Longitudinal Study'. She was also the principal investigator leading a team in the development and design of e-books to complement student teachers' multi-modal learning experience. She has been invited to present keynote addresses to encourage practitioners to ruminate over their technology-integrated teaching practices and aim to enhance their practices at both the national and international levels. At the International level, she has also conceptualized, developed resources and led a team of instructors through Singapore International Foundation to train Bhutanese teachers to design technology-integrated lessons as part of the Bhutan Wired project. She works closely with the Asian Development Bank as an Educational Technology Consultant. She has been invited to numerous sharing sessions by ADB and UNESCO to share with ministry officials, policy makers, school leaders as well as teacher education faculty on how to encourage learner-centred pedagogy as well as technology-mediated learning in school and Institutes of Higher Learning.
Designing for technology mediated learning,exploring technology mediation with various pedagogical approaches,whole school technology integration approach.
  • VIZ: A live data visualisation app to promote classroom engagement and thinking
  • An Investigation of Learning and Teaching Supported by Personal Learning Devices (PLDs) in Secondary Schools
  • ALEX - Artificial Intelligence-powered Learning EXperience design tool
  • The Effects of An Information Communication and Technologies-Based Intervention Programme on Students' Learning Outcomes of Physical Education (PE) in Singapore Schools