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Assoc Prof Tan Geok Chin, Ivy
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Humanities & Social Studies Education
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Dr Ivy Tan is the Associate Professor at the Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group in the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She has taught as a geography teacher and has been the Head of the Humanities Department in secondary schools. She has also been a Gifted Educational Specialist in the Ministry of Education. She has co-authored two books: Group Investigation and Student Learning: An experiment in Singapore Schools, (2006, published by Marshall Cavendish) and Organizing Schools for Productive Learning (2008, published by Springer). Presently she serves as a steering committee member of the International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education, a regional representative of the International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education; and an executive committee member of the South East Asian Geography Association.
Cooperative Learning Practicum,Environmental Education, Education for Sustainable Development, Geography Education,Mentoring,Social Studies Education