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Dr Lee Boon Ooi
Senior Lecturer, National Institute of Education - Psychology and Child & Human Development
Although I read Psychology (National University of Singapore and Keele University in England) and Cultural Psychiatry (McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine in Canada) at graduate levels, I consider myself an interdisciplinary researcher and practitioner. I go beyond psychology and psychiatry by drawing on knowledge from anthropology, philosophy, phenomenology, humanities, religious studies, and 4E cognition (the embodied, enactive, extended, embedded mind) to study the cultural aspects of mental health and psychopathology. My current projects consist of three interrelated components: (1) relevance of Indigenous healing practices to mental health; (2) how sense of wellbeing and psychopathology is correlated with alterations of consciousness, for example, during trance, dissociation, dreaming, imagination, creative work, human-technology interface, and ritual practices; and (3) mental health and anthropomorphism in religion and AI-humanoid technologies. I have published in "Transcultural Psychiatry", and "Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry",
Culture and mental health: Multicultural therapy, multicultural school counselling, Indigenous healing systems, Indigenous psychologies, cultural psychopathology, , health beliefs, somatization, embodiment, narratives and phenomenology, mental health and alteration of consciousness (e.g., dissociation, trance)
  • Harnessing Positive Psychology Principles in Fostering Academic Motivation/Engagement and Wellbeing of Low-Progress Learners in Singapore
• Excellence in Teaching Commendation (2012),
• Excellence in Teaching Commendation (2013)
Courses Taught
Multicultural therapy, Advanced Counselling Skills, Fundamentals of Counselling, Micro-Counselling Skills, Practicum Supervision
Supervision of PhD Students
Mr. Bernard Mackenzie