Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Dr Tan Kok Siang
Senior Lecturer, Natural Sciences & Science Education
Controlled Keywords
Kok Siang is a Senior Lecturer in Science and Chemical Education at the National Institute of Education. Before becoming a qualified school teacher, he worked for a few years in the chemical fluid purification industry (with Pall Corporation, a US MNC) and then as a quality assurance chemist in the pharmaceutical industry (with Glaxochem, now known as GlaxoSmithKline, a UK MNC). Thereafter, he taught secondary school science for 12 years, including seven years as Head of the Science Department.
In 2000 he joined NIE to help train pre- and in-service teachers. His areas of research and practice in schools and at NIE include Reflective Learning, School Experimental Science and Affective Learning in Science Education.

Professional Activities
• Assessment in School Science (including Assessment for Learning and Differentiated Assessment)
• Pedagogy in Affective Learning Domain (values education, 21st Century Competencies)
• Reflective pedagogy in the classroom/laboratory (workshops for teachers and reflective classroom/laboratory lessons for students)
• Teaching and learning issues on Science Practical Assessment (including scaffolded laboratory instructions)
• Professional reflective practice for teachers
• International Teacher Professional Development Projects (with NIE International)

Research, Development & Consultation Projects
• NIE/NTU Undergraduate REsearch on CAmpus, URECA, BSc(Ed) Year 4 Student Project 2018/2019 (supervised student won the NTU Research • Excellence Education Segment Award 2019 and the Global Undergraduate Research Award 2020)
• Co-PI, Formative Assessment (NIE, completed, 2016)
• Co-PI, Science Teacher Preparation in APEC Economies (International, completed 2016)
• Graduate Research Supervisor, Scaffolding (PhD Research, Graduated 2017).
• School-based Collaboration, Affective Learning in Science Education (ALiSE, completed 2016)
• Cambodian Curricular Review and Teacher Development Consultation Project sponsored by Asian Development Bank, administered by NIE International (2018-2020)
• Suzhou Industrial Park “Smart Home” International Teacher Training Program sponsored by Temasek Foundation, administered by NIE International (2018-2020)
• Brazilian Educators’ Professional Development Project sponsored by Instituto Ayrton Senna (IAS), supported by IE Singapore and administered by NIE International (2018)
STEM and STEAM education,reflective learning, school experimental science, assessment in science education, short-cycle formative assessment, affective science education