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Assoc Prof Tan Seng Chee
Associate Dean, Graduate Education by Research, Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Learning Sciences and Assessment
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Dr Seng Chee TAN is an Associate Professor with the Learning Sciences and Assessment academic group. He obtained his BSc (Hons) from the National University of Singapore in 1989 under the sponsorship of PSC Local Merit Scholarship; he completed his Master in Education from the National Institute of Education in 1997; and he obtained his Ph.D. (Instructional Systems) from the Pennsylvania State University in 2000 under the NTU Overseas Graduate Scholarship.

As an active researcher in the field of educational technology for schools, he has won more than S$6million competitive research grants in various roles and helped to secure a ring-fenced grant of S$5million for a research centre. He has published more than 55 refereed journal articles, more than 50 papers in conference proceedings, co-authored 2 academic books and co-edited another 2 books, and delivered more than 20 keynote addresses and invited presentations. He also contributed as an editorial board member for 5 international refereed academic journals including Instructional Science and Journal of Computers in Education. He also acted as a regular reviewer for journals such as Computers and Education, The Internet and Higher Education, and International Journal of Science Education. He has graduated 10 graduate students and is currently supervising 6 graduate students.

He has held various leadership positions in the past, including an assistant director at the Ministry of Education, Head of Learning Sciences and Technologies, Associate Dean of the Foundation Programme Office, Associate Dean of the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning, Associate Dean of the Director’s Office and Acting co-director of Centre for Research and Development in Learning.
Educational Technology for schools
  • Facilitate Students' Knowledge Building and Supportive Emotions through Emotion Analytics and Socially Shared Emotion Regulation
  • Mentor - A peer tutoring apps for NTU students
  • Sustained Creative D iscourse for Deep Learning: Synchronous, asynchronous and blended environment.
  • Evaluating students' perceptions of learning environments and ways of learning
  • A Multimodal Learning Analytics Approa ch Towards Learner Dashboard Designs for Better Engagement and Metacognitive Regulation (LADDER)
  • An Investigation of Learning and Teaching Supported by Personal Learning Devices (PLDs) in Secondary Schools
  • Leveraging Generative AI for 21st Century Teaching and Learning
  • Creating a collaborative healthcare workforce: Designing and evaluating a virtual hospital for collaborative practices acros s higher education institutions in Singapore
  • Uncovering the Process and Outcome of Computer-Supported-Collaborative-Learning (CSCL) using Multimodal Learning Analytics: New Environments and Assessme nt for CSCL in the learning continuum
  • Utilization of informal learning spaces in NTU
  • CoSIC: Developing a Pedagogical Co-Skilling Framework and Recommender System for School-Industry-Community (SIC ) Partnerships
  • Spreading Ideas: Creating Point-at-able Models of 21st Century Education
  • APPLETREE: Assessing Processes and Products for Learning (APPLE) by Tracking and Reporting Efficacy and Effe ctiveness (TREE) of Collaborative Idea Improvement
  • Mobile Education Networked Tutoring on Request (MENTOR)
  • De-identified student data platform for longitudinal learning research
  • Teaching brain l iteracy in teachers
  • Solving ill-structured problems: Role of scaffolding and feedback
• 2022 National Day Award Public Administrative Medal (Bronze) from the President's Office of Singapore.
• 2022 Outstanding Reviewer Award Educational Technology Research and Development
• 2021 Outstanding Reviewer Award Educational Technology Research and Development
• 2021 Research Nexus Award NIE
• 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award Educational Technology Research and Development
• 2019 Excellence in Research Award NIE
• 2018 Outstanding Reviewer Award Educational Technology Research and Development
• 2017 Outstanding Reviewer Award Educational Technology Research and Development
• 2005 Education Award Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI)