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Dr Goh Pi Lee, Beverly
Senior Lecturer, National Institute of Education - Natural Sciences & Science Education
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Dr Beverly Goh is an ecotoxicologist by training, with an interest in studying the effects of environmental change from anthropogenic sources, on marine organisms and ecosystems. She obtained an MSc in Tropical Coastal Management from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, and a PhD from the National University of Singapore. Her career experiences include conducting research on coral reefs and coastal ecosystems in Singapore, as well as interdisciplinary collaborative research on the environment with various international bodies. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Natural Sciences and Science Education AG, NIE/NTU. Her teaching philosophy is that science can be made real through experiential and activity-based learning, field trips, and classroom role play exercises. She believes that nature holds secrets that one can only hope to uncover by quietly waiting and observing in the wild. Dr Goh has led the Singapore team in the International Biology Olympiad for over 10 years, where Team Singapore has returned excellent results annually. Her most recent research outreach efforts focusses on facilitating Citizen Science through field studies using tropical marine organisms to monitor marine environmental health. The biomarker techniques developed are part of her core research that aims to identify signals from nature that can serve as important early warning signs of stress in the environment.
ecotoxicology; environmental biology; global environmental change; citizen science
  • Ecotoxicological study of environmental stress biomarker responses in the intertidal sea slug