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Dr Chia Ti Yong, Alexius
Associate Dean, Practicum & Partnerships, Office of Teacher Education
Journal Articles (Central)
Chia, A., Chye, S., & Chua, B-L. (2021). The Autonomous Thinking Teacher: Preparing English Teachers for the 21st Century. The English Teacher, 50(2), 102-115.

Chia, A. & Chan, C. (2017). Re-defining 'Reading' in the 21st Century. Beyond Words: A Journal on Applied Linguistics and Langua ge Education, 5(2), 98-105.

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Books (Central)
Lee, S. S., Chua, B. L., Chia, A., Ong, M., & Costes-Onishi, P. (PRESS). Teacher Professional Learning for Pedagogical Leaders: The Singapore Perspective (PP. 350). Singapore: Springer.

Chan, C. & Chia, A. (2014). Reading in the 21st Century: Understanding Multimodal Texts & Developing M ultiliteracy Skills (PP. 88). Singapore: McGraw-Hill Education (Asia).

Book Chapters (Central)
Lee, S. S., Chia, A., Pereira, A., & Lee Yong, Tay (2022). Singapore's Student-Centred, Values-Driven Education System: A Case Study. In J. Lee, & K. K. Wong (Eds.), Centering Whole-Child Development in Global Education Reform: International Perspectives on Agendas for E ducational Equity and Quality(PP. xxx-xxx). London : Routledge.

Divaharan, S. & Chia, A. (2021). Managing Learners and Learning in a Digital Environment. In Tan, S. C., Divaharan, S., & Quek, C. L. C. (Eds.), Technology for Meaningful Learning(PP. 141-148) . Singapore : Pearson.

Poh, S. K. & Chia, A. (2020). Enhancing the learning experience through technology: Harnessing the affordances of an interactive scenario-based learning platform. In Tan K. E., Leong, L. M. & Woravut, J. (Eds.), ICT Use in ELT: Some examples from South East Asia( PP. 1-15). Penang: USM Press.

Conference Papers (Central)

Conference Papers Without Proceedings

Chia, A., & Chan, C. (2021, December). Integrating Multimodal Texts into the English Language Curriculum. Paper presented at 19th Asia TEFL International Conference 2021, New Delhi, India.

Chia, A., Chea, C., Inprasith, M. & Tep, V. (2021, N ovember). Panel Discussion on Teaching Practicum. Paper presented at Cambodia International Conference on Mentoring Educators, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Divaharan, S. & Chia, A. (2020, September). Effective Teaching & Learning in a Virtual Environment: Guiding Principles. Paper presented at Teaching Forum 2020, Singapore.

Chia, A. (2020, March). Integrating multimodal texts into the 21st century literacy curriculum. Paper presented at The Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2020, Tokyo, Japan.

Chia, A. (2019, August). Avoiding a case of 'monkey s ee, monkey do': Infusing multimodal texts into the English curriculum. Paper presented at 28th MELTA International Conference 2019, Kuching, Malaysia.

Chia, A. & Chan, C. (2019, March). Integrating Multimodality: Principles of a Re-imagined English Language Curriculum. Paper presented a t 54th RELC International Conference and 5th Asia-Pacific LSP and Professional Communication Association Conference, Singapore.

Chia, A. (2019, March). A local/global approach in developing 21st century teachers. Paper presented at The Asian Conference on Education & International Developme nt 2019, Tokyo, Japan.

Chia, A. (2018, December). Initial Teacher Preparation Programme at the National Institute of Education (NIE): Multiple Perspectives. Paper presented at ERAS-APERA International Conference 2018, Singapore.

Chia, A. (2018, November). Developing teachers with mult iple perspectives. Paper presented at ERAS-APERA International Conference 2018, Singapore.

Chia, A. & Chan, C. (2018, March). Multimodal Text Assessment in the English Language Curriculum. Paper presented at 53rd RELC International Conference, Singapore.

Chia, A. & Poh, S. K. (2017, A ugust). Redesigning English Language Teaching Pedagogy for the 21st Century Classroom. Paper presented at 56th MELTA International Conference 2017, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Poh, S. K. & Chia, A. (2017, July). Accelerating teaching expertise in initial teacher preparation. Paper prese nted at KATE TESOL Conference 2017, Seoul, Korea.

Chia, A. & Chan, C. (2017, June). Using multimodal 'rich texts' for language teaching and learning. Paper presented at Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference, Singapore.

Keynote Speeches & Editorship of Special Issues (Central)
Keynote Addresses

Chia, A. (2019, September). English Education International Conference 2019. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Teaching English Language in the 21st Century Classroom, Jambi, Indonesia.

Chia, A. (2017, September). English Education International Conference 2017. KEYNO TE ADDRESS, Critical Literacy in the 21st Century Language Classroom, Jambi, Indonesia.

Chia, A. (2016, November). The Second International Conference on Education, Technology and Sciences. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Using Multimodal Texts: Integrated Curriculum in Early Childhood and Primary Educati on, Jambi, Indonesia.

Chia, A. (2015, November). English Education International Conference. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Teaching 21st Century Language Skills: Vignettes from the Singapore Experience (Webcast), Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Chia, A. (2014, May). The Policy, Governance and Capacity B uilding (PGCB) Teachers' Conference 2014. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Teaching Reading in the 21st Century: Understanding Multimodal Texts, Manila, Philippines.

Chia, A. (2013, September). Asia-Pacific Education Conference - 'Reforming Paradigms towards More Integrated Education'. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Challenges in Managing Curricular Change, Purwokerto, Central Java Province, Indonesia.

Other Research Outputs/Projects (Central)

Workshops and Seminars

Pillai, A. D. & Chia, A. (2019, July). Supporting your children in their Visual Literacy Development.

Chan, C. & Chia, A. (2018, April). Teaching Visual Literacy: Uncovering Meanings in Picture Books.

Chia, A. & Chan, C. (2016, Ma y). Using Multimodal Texts in English Language Teaching & Learning.

Chan, C. & Chia, A. (2016, March). Uncovering the meanings in picture books: learning to analyse multimodal texts.

Chan, C. & Chia, A. (2015, June). The power of picture books: a workshop on the analysis of mu ltimodal texts.