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Dr Guo Libo
Lecturer, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature
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Dr Guo Libo is a Lecturer at the English Language and Literature Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He earned his PhD in English Language Studies at National University of Singapore (2004) and Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics at Shanghai Jiaotong University, China (1997). Dr Guo's research interests include systemic functional linguistics, multimodal discourse analysis, language development and multiliteracies. His work has appeared in Journal of adolescent & adult literacy, RELC journal, International journal of multilingualism, The Asia-Pacific education researcher, and refereed book chapters. He has completed a research project titled 'Building a Singapore learner corpus of English writing for pedagogy' (OER21/10 GLB), funded by the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Dr Guo Libo currently teaches pre-service and postgraduate courses on functional linguistics, pedagogic grammar, academic writing, educational research, and research methodology in applied linguistics at NIE. He also supervises students’ research projects and practicum.
Dr Guo Libo has published research in systemic functional linguistics, multimodal discourse analysis, language development, and multiliteracies. He was on the editorial review board of Journal of adolescent & adult literacy (2005-2012), a managing editor (2007-2013) and book review editor (2005-2015) for Pedagogies: An international journal, and is on the editorial review board of The new English teacher (2015- the present). He has served as manuscript reviewer for academic journals such as Language and education: An international journal; Linguistics and education; System: An international journal of educational technology and applied linguistics; Research in science education; International journal of multilingualism; Journal of English for academic purposes; The KEMANUSIAAN: the Asian journal of humanities; and The new English teacher.